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Directions of Planets in Vedic Astrology

The Planets in the cosmic Universe rules over the 9 directions. Find out which planet represent what direction here. The direction in Astrology can help reveal find missing persons, missing personal effects and which direction can be suggested for the new home or which location is best suited for business, profession and travel. Sun – […]

Fourth House Lord in Different Houses

Fourth House is the Kendra (Angle) house among the four kendras 1,4, 7 and 10 houses. What would be the effects of the fourth lord in 12 different houses? Check out here. 

Third House Lord in Different Houses

The third house represents valour, courage, communication and young siblings among others. What happens when the third house lord in any of the twelve different houses? Check the effects here. 

Second House Lord in Different Houses

Second House in Vedic astrology represents the wealth of the native. It also represents the family, food among others. What would be the effects of second house lord in 12 different houses? Check out the effects below. 

Lagna Lord in Different Houses

Lagna Lord (Ascendant Lord) is the planet that owns the first house of the native’s birth chart. For example, If Mesham (Aries) is the first house of a horoscope, Mars will be the ascendant lord and Aries shall be the ascendant/lagna. The ascendant lord can be placed in any of the 12 different houses of the birth chart. What would be the impact of Lagna lord in each of the 12 houses? Check the effects for each house. 

Tarabalam Chart & Significance in Muhurats

Tarabalam determines the auspiciousness of the muhurat to perform a specific activity. These activities can be starting a new business, travel, ceremonies like marriage, joining a new job etc., It is a combination of Janma Nakshatra and day’s nakshatra which adds strength to a muhurat.Not all nakshatras are good for the Janma Nakshatra. The auspiciousness of Nakshatra of the day combined with the Janma Nakshatra is determined by the Tarabalam.


Aries born individuals are born ambitious on wealth, possessions, and works primarily towards gaining financial security in life. They are careful and calculated in taking debts. Impulsiveness often found in Aries and hasty decision-making may result in unwanted expenditure and bad investment choices. Gains can be made only through hard work for Arians. Their extravagance in spending can sometimes lead to a lack of funds but the wealth will come to them in some way or other, Taurus being the second house ruled by wealth.

The 12 House and Their Karakas

Each of the twelve houses in Vedic Astrology have specific significations related to our life events. Each House has a primary significant planet that is also important to be checked while evaluating the fructification of the bhavas

How to reduce the impact of Shani on your life

Shanidev (Saturn) is the slowest moving planet completing the full zodiac every 30 years making it the most important planet in our lives. Being the Karma Karaka (significator), Shanidev affects our jobs, business. education, health and profession. The affects of Shanidev are long lasting lessons that take us to the realistic realm of human life. […]

Mars in Virgo

Know the Effects of Mars in Virgo As Per Vedic Astrology Virgo is the sixth sign spanning 150° – 180° of the natural zodiac. Virgo is a dual and feminine sign with Mercury as its lord. Element of Virgo is Earth. Mars is a masculine and fiery planet that provides the native with passion, energy […]


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